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About us

Platform, Initiator, Mediator

CREATIVE.NRW is the network of creatives in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). On behalf of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitisation, and Energy, we work as a competence centre and consultancy for freelancers, companies, institutions, and municipalities. CREATIVE.NRW is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and the state NRW.

To build bridges between the creative industry and other economic sectors, we share information and knowledge, and connect people and businesses. Together with strong partners all over NRW, our aim is to emphasise and further enhance the economic and social relevance of creatives, and to secure fair and promising working conditions.

The creative industry is more than just an economic factor to us. It is an innovation driver for other sectors, and a major resource for sustainable urban development and solving social challenges in general.

This is how we contribute to the success story that is NRW’s creative economy, on both a national and an international level.


CREATIVE.NRW team (from left to right): Guido Halfmann (Editor), Carolin Paulus (Project leader), Ines Rainer (Project manager), Anabel Perez-Hoppe (Project manager), Jule Laerz-Haase (Project manager - on parental leave), Claudia Jericho (Director of head office)

We bring together various backgrounds and interdisciplinary skillsets. As advocates for the capacities and accomplishments of the creative economy, we rely on our professional experiences in the cultural and creative industry, as well as in strategy, consulting, and communications. Our goal is to raise appreciation for the creative industries among politics and economy and to establish their reputation as driving force for the economy and socio-political solutions.

CREATIVE.NRW – Kompetenzzentrum Kreativwirtschaft is a service provided by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitisation, and Energy, carried out by BOROS.

Cultural and Creative Economy

Whether it’s architecture, music, literature, games, or advertising – the cultural and creative industry is a diverse sector, including freelancers from all kinds of artistic and cultural backgrounds, solo self-employed persons and micro-entrepeneurs. Following the definition of the Federal government and the Länder, the cultural and creative industry officially comprises 11 submarkets. The music economy, the book market, the art market, the film industry, the broadcasting industry, the performing arts sector, the design industry, the architecture market, and the press market are considered sectors of the “Kulturwirtschaft” (culture economy). Additionally, the advertising market and the software and games industry are considered parts of the so-called “Kreativbranchen” (creative sectors).

We conceive of the culture and creative economy in North Rhine-Westphalia as a crosscutting sector generating spillover effects and conditions for innovative energy and economic prosperity in general. Therefore, the culture and creative economy not only unites different creative disciplines but other fields of work and value chains as well – ranging from industrial production to corporate services. This perspective on the creative economy allows us to look at its interfaces with other economic fields like tourism and healthcare. What is more, we can focus on issues like sustainability or corporate social responsibility, and new technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.